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About Bit Doze

About Bit Doze

My name is Dragos and I am the Owner and founder of Bit Doze and Tech Doze (not a lot of time to write on this one :) ).  I and my girlfriend  Ioana we are trying to give you the latest news about SEO, Social Media, Blogging Tips and Making Money Online.

I am 26 years old – Romanian that’s enjoins blogging and web design and also helping others in their blogging career. I also like playing games like FIFA, NFS, FPS …. (when the time permits) but mostly the number one activity is blogging. I am working in a informatics company here in Romaniam, administering some Telecom companies.

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This blog was founded on 01 March 2010 and the main purpose is to help webmaster, bloggers and web designer that are in the beginning.

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Thanks for reading the articles from Bit Doze and see you soon !