An Overview of Product Recommendation Engines


The use of product recommendation engines has come into popularity amongst small to medium-sized businesses, who’ve seen how this website optimization technique is reaping the benefits for them. Items that are suggested by recommendation engines may be based on other users ratings, product promo or sale, availability and other enticing offerings that may make the […]

What is A/B Testing and How it Affects Your Online Business


Every business owner perhaps know the importance of capitalizing on their proceeds in the most efficient and practical way. If you’re one of these people, hiring someone who can perform an A/B Testing will examine and review the performance of your own business solutions. Source: The following A/B Testing can help you in more ways […]

Multivariate Testing: How It Works


Source: Webmasters and content providers are always on the lookout for more ways to improve their sites. The design and actual content play huge parts on the impact that the site makes on the visitors. Designs that are too bright or bubbly might turn some customers off. Similarly, if the theme is too dark, then […]