How Do You Find Ideas For New Articles?

Find Ideas For New ArticlesThis is the question that is bugging me a lot and I think that not just only me, it bugs every blogger. Is a known fact that in order to have success with your blog, beside the fact that your content needs to awesome you have to update your blog quite often. But what you can do to find good subjects and have always something to write about ?

Well for me is not that easy because I don’t made blogging a career, I have a day job and I am working from 9 to 6 to pay my bills and have a decent life.  As you can see it doesn’t always remains time to do researches and find good subjects. Taking also into consideration the fact that I am not a natural born writer it’s adds up and makes things even harder. And beside all this I find time and manage to update my blog several times a week with good information, not top one but still good and maybe healthfully for many. How much of you find yourself in this situation? Below I will putt some of the things that I do to find good subject and keep my blog updated.

How to find subjects to write about and keep your blog updated?

1. Blog about something you like

This is the most important thing that help me to come up with new info every week. It really doesn’t matter if a bunch of blogs already exists because if you will blog about something you like and have it as a hobby you will always have something  to talk about. Eventually you will succeed to help others and make your blog known. It will also be easy to come up with new ideas for article every day because yourself will be looking for new informations about your passion.

2. Bookmark and visit the top sites from your niche

Maybe this sounds quite strange because maybe all of you are already doing this :). In my 1 year period of blogging I was able to bookmark more then 60 sites. Once I had discovered a new site that I think it is worthing visiting again and it is has useful informations I will bookmark it in my browser and visit with regularity.

3. Find ideas from the comment you receive

I don’t really receive a lot of comment but the ones I receive are good quality. I think I was able to write more then 10 articles from 100 only by inspiring from the comments I receive. Just the other day I have written a article about Free Tips Of Advertising Available for a Blogger with the help of a visitor that asked me this thing.

4. Subscribe to the blogs you consider worthy

By subscribing to their email list and feeds you will be able to find out more faster the latest news and also be able to write a article faster. Of course that you can’t subscribe to the whole list of bookmark sites but at least to the top 10 of them.

5. Google Alerts

I know of the existence of Google Alerts from some time, but unfortunately I didn’t had the chance to use it. I am recommending it, because it can do some grate stuffs and I am planing to use it from net month.


This are the things that I am doing to be find ideas for new articles and be able to keep my blog updated. I hope this advices will help some of you keeping the blog updated.

What about you how you manage to find ideas for new articles?


  1. says

    Hey Dragos,

    Finding great ideas to write about is definitely the key to making your blog content attractive to your readers. Out of all the tips you gave here to help find ideas to write new articles I have found Google Alerts to be one of the best tools for the job.

    This tool will keep you updated on all the latest articles on the net. I am glad to hear that you are going to give it a try next month, I think you will like it. Thanks for sharing the methods you use.

  2. says

    Hey Dragos – Google Alerts are great for all things SEO like link building, reputation management, and I’m sure they could be utilised to help with new topics for blogging… probably a good use would be to analyse the returned alerts for up and coming trends, in relation to the blogs target market, that could then be good to post about to gain new traffic!

  3. Tom solo says

    similar niche to take an important role to bring an idea if its web on the news. kind of vent to personal blogs, we just need to develop ideas and creative thinking (My Opinion)

  4. Samsung Tablet says

    I visit many sites at regular interval and keep a watch on regular news updates on my niche. This gives me an idea and I d proper research on the subject before writing and publishing contents.

  5. says

    Blogger can also find ideas from twitter trending topics. It’s good to be updated about what’s new and what’s everyone talking about. However, I agree with you that the best topic should be something that you like. You cannot produce the best article if in the first place you don’t feel like writing it.

  6. says

    Hey Dragos,
    When I was newbie in blogging area,I was used to search everywhere and copy anything that I liked and pasting it on my blog,but after that I realized that this is not the right way.
    Then I subscribed lots of blog in my blog niche and started reading everyday.I am totally agree with your first point that blog something that you like.Because if we like anything we probably know about that thing and this way we can post more informative post.
    Thanks for sharing your idea!!

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