Tools to Obtain Suitable Keywords for Your Niche

Search Engine Optimization holds extreme importance when online business is a matter of concern. To get started with the strategies of search engine optimization, keyword analysis is one of the most important factors for the success of your online business. Despite of being awfully important, many do not know to get the proper combination of keywords to have better results. A good keyword research helps in making good money through PPC campaigns as well.

It is very obvious that to do a keyword research, tools are needed. We have done a research and selected few of the tools that really do well in keyword analysis. Read on, to find more about these tools:

Google Suggest:

Google Suggest is one of the keyword research tools, which is easy to deal with. Whenever you type any query in the search bar, it starts suggesting the related keywords of the specific niche. This gives the analysts an idea about the keywords being used frequently, in the industry related to them. It renders an immediate keyword research and you can start working with those keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

It is a renowned fact that most of the users are into practice of making use of Google Adwords Keyword Tool to generate useful keywords for their niche. This helps the web masters to discover the keywords that fit best in the PPC and AdWords Campaigns, irrespective of the kind of industry you work for.

Out of all the features of this tool, we can say CPC feature is the best, as it shows the ‘Cost Per Click’. This will let you earn more with less effort. It also has a feature called Global Monthly Search Volume, which helps the analysts to monitor the number of searches made for a particular keyword. This will let you know whether the time and money spent behind it, was worth or not.

Keyword Spy:

There are not many tools like Keyword Spy, it would not be correct if we say that it is solely capable of obtaining keywords, as it also explores URLS, Ad Copies & Domains. The special feature that makes it unique is: it keeps an eye at your competitors and finds the keywords, utilized by them for campaigns. You can, then, use those keywords to have a better visibility in the search engines.

You can get started with these tools to enhance your SEO strategies.

-Written by Sara Bruce. An SEO analyst, who predominantly works on removing negative remarks from websites, Do you face negative reviews about your Business/Services? Do visit our pages on ‘ Remove negative reviews’ & ‘Remove ripoff reports’ to get rid of it.


  1. says

    You should consider adding Semrush to the list. Even though it is getting expensive, it is the best commercial keyword tool in the market today. You can analyze your competitiors adsense as well as organic keywords with Semrush.

  2. Andrew says

    Hi Dragos,Good morning.Thank you for your good file sharing.Really Keyword analysis is very important or choice a suitable keyword is very critical and essential for Google ranking.

    • says

      I agreed with you Dragos.Sutable and most searching keyword is very important for website optimization.It’s a first step towards SEO.Generaly i used adword tools but now i also consider the above mentioned tools in this article.Thanks for the post

  3. says

    Yes according to my opinion Keywords are the best bricks to be used to make your wall of Content STRONG enough to beat the search engines rankings of other competent websites.

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