Top 5 Fatal Mistakes Of Your Guest Blogging


As we all know, guest posting can really help us promote a blog, get much traffic and attract new visitors; so, many bloggers don’t miss such an opportunity. Moreover, the majority of blogs give such a change. Why not indeed? But it often happens that your guest post is appeared to be rejected by blog managers, though you follow all the requirements and try to make it really unique and interesting…

 Why does it happen so? Are all those blog managers so cruel and exacting? Why don’t they want to post your article if they accept guest posts anyway? Believe us, they receive hundreds of guest posts for reviewing every day, and it can really be frustrating to read all of them if they don’t meet their expectations at all. So, how to make them notice your post and accept it for publishing? Just try to avoid the following 5 mistakes, and your chances to get published will definitely be increased!

 As you know, guest blogging consists of 2 main stages: pitching and writing.


Your first victory will take place when your pitch will be approved by a blog manager, so, there are 3 main mistakes you can make here:

1. You choose the wrong blog

Sure, your goal is to publish as many articles as possible, and use many different blogs for that. Anyway, no logic can be found if you take an article about cooking and try to post it at a technology blog. Well, you may try of course, but the big chances are that such a guest post will be declined at once. Do you need that?

The best (and probably the most obvious) advice here can be the following: focus on your niche. If your blog is about techs, just try to choose other tech blogs or blogs of a very close niche, and offer them your guest posts.


2. You don’t introduce yourself to blog managers

We bet you won’t like the situation when someone send you a post at once without saying hello and telling about himself. Why should a blog manager accept such an impolite request? Just tell a couple of words about yourself, offer some possible topics for your future guest post, mention why you want to see your article published there. Just stay polite.


3. You are not competent

When you write a request for your guest article, it can tell a lot to blog managers as well. Pay attention to your grammar, build your sentences right, be sincere… Your request will show a blog owner what and HOW you would write your guest post. So, there is no need to ignore this stage.


Well, your request has been accepted and approved! Congratulations! It’s time to write a guest post itself. Two more fatal mistakes can wait for you here:

1. You don’t follow guidelines

All blogs managers, if they accept guest posts, have their own guidelines of what this post should look like (number of words, structure, images, links as so one). Sometimes it happens that you don’t read them or just don’t pay attention to them in a hope that everything will work out anyway. This is your fatal mistake!

Guidelines are given not just for blog managers’ pleasure, so don’t ignore them if you want to see your article published.


2. Your content is poor, and your links are inappropriate

Some bloggers allow you to add external links to the body of your articles. This is your good chance to promote your other posts and your blog, but make sure that these links lead to appropriate sources that meet the topic of your article itself. If you write a post about the latest concept gadgets, but your link leads to a website about cooking, forget all your dreams to see this article published!

The same can be said about your content. Even if your article is well-structured, you use images and subtitles to make it more readable, your content is still the king. So, try to make your guest post really informative for blog managers to find it useful and interesting for their audience.

Happy blogging!


  1. says

    This is interesting tips! Something to consider as well when a post has been agreed to be published. There needs to be a set deadline, especially if it is an opened ended date. Make sure a time frame is set to avoid your post not being posted for random reasons…

    • Alex Strike says

      Hello Even!

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, indeed, your point sounds good! Agree with you, it would be much better to know at once when and whether your guest post is going to be published. Very often guest bloggers may wait for 2-3 weeks or more, but they still don’t find their articles published. As a guest blogger, I would prefer to know if my article is rejected or not in order not to lose this post at all…

      All the best!

  2. says

    Hi Alex

    Good point about introducing yourself – I receive emails with Infographics and Articles attached and no introduction.

    They go straight into deleted items.

    • Alex Strike says

      Hello Mark!

      Well, I think that this is the matter of simple politeness at least… When you write to a blogger and offer him your article, isn’t it logical to introduce yourself at least? )) As a blogger, I understand that it would be not pleasant for me to receive a guest post with just here-is-my-article-publish-me text)

      All the best!


  3. says

    Hello Alex

    Nice Article very Informative as a Novice this is good gain for my knowledge. Definitely Guest Blogging is healthy way to good source of traffic and link building and through this Article very good point i absorb and give me new way in my work. Thank ALEX share me this wonderful Niche it’s so Aware POST.

    • Alex Strike says

      Hello Sneba!

      I am happy to know that my article was useful and informative for you to read! Good luck with your guest blogging, I am sure you are good with that!


      • Alex Strike says

        Oh my… Something is definitely wrong with my eyes…. ((
        Misspelled your name, Sneha, sorry))

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