Guest Posting

Why to write for Bit Doze ?

  • Bit Doze has more then 300 visitor a day and the number is increasing
  • Bit Doze will help you gain exposer to more then 300 visitors.
  • You can gain links from the article bio.
  • Revenue share (it will be implemented in the near future).
  • Top Contributers widget with a link (it will be implemented in the near future).

How to guest post to Bit Doze ?

  1. Register for an account here and you will be contributer.
  2. Add your Full name, second name and fill out a short profile Bio info, feel free to add a link or two to your blog/site (use HTML).
  3. Send an email with your user name to upgrade it to contributor.
  4. Visit, having an image is a must in your profile (Plz, use a personal photo)
  5. Write your post, save it and it will be reviewed and published a.s.a.p

Guest Poster guide lines:

  • Images - Please try to use an Image in the post, to look better, a thumbnail will be automatically created  on the front page.
  • Headlines – You should use <h2> tags for sub headings and <h3> tags for smaller headings.
  • Tags - A maximum of 4 tags can be used. (Entering more than 4 tags is too taxing for the system when trying to find related posts.
  • Links - You are allowed a maximum of 1 external link to your own site and 2 external links to references that are not on your own site.A guest author box is already provided with dofollow links, please don’t ruin your chances of being published by trying to fill up your post with self promoting links.There are to be NO AFFILIATE LINKS, doing so could see your contributor status removed and post deleted!
  • Format - Please use <p> paragraphs to break up your post into sections that are easily readable.
  • Content – the content needs to be 100% original and have 600+ words otherwise the article will not be approved.
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