How to Build Profitable Amazon Niche Stores

How to Build Amazon Niche Stores

Building niche site is a good way of earning some good amounts of money online. Money can be made with niche sites from CPC and promoting products, some bloggers are making couple of thousands of dollars per month from their niche site (if you ask me this is not bad ..).  I don’t say that it is easy, but the reword is also big and can bring you a lot of money, if you have patience.

A great resource that helped me and can help you

The idea of making money online with Amazon Associates come when I have join Alex Whalley free courses how to make money with Amazon Associates. He has a really good way of writhing and his courses are the best that I have encounter until now. In his 20 modules you can learn about how to find products, do keyword research, build your site with WordPress, the content that you need to have, link building and much more. Join his course and you will not regret:


In this article series I will focus more in showing you how to build a amazon niche store, because in my experience it can bring you more benefits. With one hand you will make money from Amazon, paying you with 4% to 10% to a sale that you will make with your affiliate links and by other hand you will make money from CPC, here the earning can vary depending of the value of the keyword and the traffic that you receive. But in the end the earning will be nice.

Below I will put a series of articles that will help you in building the amazon niche store and also updates related to the earnings that I have and case studies. I am at beginning too so have a little patience, because I will make everything up on the fly while I implement and test it.

The structure that I am thinking on is something like this:

Articles of  How to Build Amazon Niche Stores

  1. Make Money Online With Amazon Associates Niche Stores.
  2. How to Find Profitable Amazon Products to Sell on a Niche Store
  3. How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Amazon Niche Store – Part 1
  4. How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Amazon Niche Store – Part 2
  5. Finding the Best Domain Name for Your Amazon Niche Site
  6. How to Building a WordPress Site to Host Your Amazon Niche Store
  7. How To Build The Right Content For The Amazone Associates Niche Stores
  8. Content, SEO and Design Options for The Amazon Niche Site

Earnings updates

Below are the earning updates reports, the first and second month are a little low, but I expect that they will increase after two months:


Case studies

Reaching Google first page is not that easy and a lot of challenges you have to overcome, tolls and different strategies needs to adopted to be successful, this category is special destined for this.

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Keep close and you will find out everything you need to do to build a successful Amazon Niche Store