Stats & Income Report: January 2013

A new year has started and like years before I have big planes and high hopes. Last year it was a good year with a lot of changes in Google and a lot of new things that I have learned.

Feature Directions


Kindle eBook Publishing

lbbloggers coverThis year the plan is to do more then in the previous years and to be more helpful and influential than in the past. I have already started this plan with the publishing of an kindle book that was published last night on Amazon. I was really wanted to make an Kindle ebook for some time and this year I have just done that. The book is called “Essential Link Building Strategies for Bloggers” and I have tried to put in it all the link building strategies that a blogger has to do to build links and promote his blog. The book will be included in the Amazon KPD Select program and it will be offered free at the beginning. I will write an article and let everyone know when the time will come. The Amazon details can be found here.

Authority  Site Project and Help

This year I would like to start also some authority blogs to diversify my income streams and to test some stuffs. The first one is already on the way and it is managed by my girlfriend Ioana. She will write and promote this blog and I will only drive her to the the promoting process. She is unemployed for 1 week and she has decided to help me with the site and earn money from here. She has already started to write a number of articles on this blog and other blog. The entire progress along with all the case studies it will be published here on this site.

This month I am also planning to change my hosting and I have already bought and VPS to ServInt where I am planing to move all my sites this month. I have really  found nice reviews and reconciliations for ServInt on the internet and that’s why I have decided to try them. I will write an article to inform everyone next week.

Traffic and other Metrics


  • Posts: 14 (-2)
  • Site Visitors: 5,194 (+ 648)
  • Page Visits: 7,519 (+500)
  • Search Engines Visitors:  4,067 ( +640)

The number has increased a little this month and it can be seen an increase at about 10% for all traffic. This month I am planning to have more posts on and increase with another 10% the visitors numbers. We will see it next month.


  • Amazon: 50.64$
  • 84.42$
  • Templatic: 49.20$
  • Appthemes: 26.73$
  • ThemeForest: 32.70$
  • e-junkie: 30.02$
  • ElegantThemes: 44.50$
  • WPzonbuilder: 62.72$
  • Avangate: 23.70$
  • Adsense: 2$
  • Total: 406.63$ (+255$)

The earnings from this month had a good increase, I want that next month to be also over 400$ so I can be stable and be able to extend.

See you next month.




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      Thanks a lot. Started with next Monday it can be download for free for 5 days. I will create a post and inform all to help me if they think the book is good :)


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    Hey Dragos, the income stats of the last month is really impressive, and I wish you luck for the entire year ahead. What I noticed was that you had a great traffic from search engine results, which makes me think that your topic and content must be too good to get that kind of result. Congratulations once again and keep up with the good work.


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