Stats & Income Report: May 2013

Another month has passed and is time to see exactly what happened last month and what are the figures for

First, I would like to mention that last month I had my wedding and this is the main reason for not posting more often. Also, last month Google had the Penguin 2.0 which has a strong impact on some sites, including

At the beginning of May, Google started rolling out the Penguin 2.0 update which had devastating results over Most of the keywords that I was targeting now don’t rank any more in the first page of Google which is very bad for me. I don’t fully understand why my site had such a major hit as I didn’t use any blackhat SEO link building scheme. The only way used to promote my articles was with comments on a couple of commentluv sites and submitting the link to blogengage and to another 2-3 related sites. The only explanation that I found is that I had too many affiliate links in the articles. Really strange and unexpected what happened, but, well, this is one of the risks associated with the online money making. Now, lets see the last month stats to get a better view on what happened:

Traffic Stats

I still have some visitors but it will continue to go even lower because the Penguin 2.0 entered in the middle of the month:


  • Posts: 9
  • Site Visitors: 5,787 (-2685)
  • Page Visits: 7,785 (-3444)
  • Search Engines Visitors: 6,599 (-2293)

As you can see, the Penguin 2.0 really had an impact over In the next period I shall see how I can fix the effects and try to rank it again, even though it will be quite hard.

Income Report:

The earnings really had an hit from the Penguin 2.0 update and I think this month it will be even worse. I will try to rethink strategy for making money online to see what I can do.

First step to round up the earning is that I have acquired a  new domain name that I intend to make it only with article related to WordPress and let this one for SEO and making money online. This will follow in a future article.

See you next time :)


  1. says

    Yes, @Dragos Penguin update have really made an impact on my rankings too. What possible things and steps should I take to get the rankings back?

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