Stats & Income Report: October 2012

I didn’t had a lot of time this month to finish what I have proposed to do but I hope that this month will be different and I will be able to finish some of the problems and things that I have in mind. Google has also made some changes in this past month and it affected the traffic that has, the impact isn’t that big but still it can be seen.

Below are stats for October 2012:

Traffic and other metrics:

  • Posts: 6
  • Site Visitors: 4, 563 (- 875)
  • Page Visits: 6,653 (-2005)
  • Search Engines Visitors:  3,673 ( – 362)

Because of the Google update and because I didn’t had time to write more article the traffic has decreased and stats have been a little low. This month I will try to write more articles and do more videos to see if I can increase my stats.


  • AppThemes Affiliates: 58.28$
  • Theme Forest: 30$
  • E-junkie: 64.65$
  • FormidablePro: 14.10$
  • BudgetVM: 3$
  • Total: 170.02 $ (-60$)

The earnings gave decreased a little but still I am OK and I am above the limit of 150$. This month I hope it will be better.

See you next month.


  1. says

    Interesting. I have just one question – You mentioned above that you have 6 posts. You want to say that you publish 6 new posts in October? Because, i write every day except Sunday. Do you think this is to much or not? I just like to mention that I am in the beginning. The visit is weak. Thanks in advance

  2. says

    Income reports are good sources of knowledge. They help other bloggers learn a lot in terms of how much money are they making from their blog and how much they should be actually earning. It gives an idea to a new blogger about the places he needs to improve in and target for higher profits.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing the income report because it has been very useful to me.This report helps to know the areas we are lacking as bloggers and helps us to focus on those areas.It gives a proper knowledge about how much the blogger is earning and it also gives a clear picture of the traffic metrics.

  4. says

    Not a bad report. It’s never too late to begin. Google latest updates have affected mostly all the blogs and their page ranking on search engine. If you consistently keep on posting articles (worth reading) then definitely this will boost up your traffic simultaneously your monthly income.


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