My Niche Site Project – Future Steps and Updates

A while back I have started my case study with some niche site that I have bought in the previous months, now come the time to provide an update and a plan for the future. At the end of last month Google have made another update the EMD Update that made me change the strategy that I was planning. The update was quite sever and some of the sites were heavily affected. Because of this I have reached the conclusion that is better to have a few good sites then a lot of small sites that are exposed to future Google updates.

Some of  the sites that I have were heavily stroke by Google and I don’t see the need to keep and invest in all the small ones, that’s why I will stop promoting and building the smaller ones and I will focus all my attention to a few of them.

The Future of Niche Sites

It has become more clear and clear that Google will continue to push up the authority sites and let the small one go deeper an deeper. Because of this I think it will be better to have a few big sites that are updated regularly with good content. The link building for the authority sites has to be also good and you can’t have crappy link building to this sites. I will create a detailed article with the link building strategies that I am thinking of next week.  I am not recommending to anyone else to build small niche site but big sites with helpful content.

Next Steps for My Niche Site Project

Even if I have started building links to the small niche sites I will stop doing so and I will focus all my attention to building links to some of the sites that I am thinking to transform in authority ones if I can. So from the long list of sites that I have I will focus my attention on:,,, This 5 sites I am thinking to continue promote and transform them in authority sites if I can. I will make a detailed article with the link building plan for the above five sites.

I will also continue to build content to them and publish a couple of articles monthly, the content sources it will also be the ones that I have shared in the article: My Niche Site Project – Content Outsourcing.


The online battle has become even harder for the small niche sites because Google is helping with every update the big sites. Nevertheless niche sites and new sites still have a future in Google world and I believe that if you do the job well and the content is good for sure the success will come.


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    This is undoubtedly true that with Google trying to experiment new parameters for websites it has become all the more difficult for the websites to survive. I agree that websites with good and useful content pass this test but there are also news about websites which used good content but were banned by Google. So it is actually difficult to say whether niche websites will stay or not, all we can do from our end is to keep up the effort, the rest being unpredictable.

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    I think the conventional system is now a must for niche websites. What with all the recent updates favoring the authority websites, niche ones are almost on the verge of extinction. Though niche websites won’t bite the dust in the near future, we might find just a couple of results displaying niche websites pop up for a particular search string on the first few pages. You’ve lined up all the essentials in your post to the point. Thanks for sharing.

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    I think it is important to understand that Google is bringing in those updates so that only sites providing quality content survive. So, the most important thing is creating quality content and the back linking to your site by commenting on a few top niche sites. This will enable Google to differentiate you from the rest.

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    Hi Alex,
    I truly agree with you that it is becoming difficult for websites to survive with google trying to experiment new parameters for websites.Also it is very difficult to predict whether niche websites can bear these changes and still survive.Good content may play a role for the websites but still its unpredictable to guess anything like this.

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    With all Google’s algorithm changes, it has become harder and harder to rank high and stay there. It’s really discouraging, but I guess we have no choice but to play by their rules :(

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    Updates have caused misery to most sites no doubt but we need to learn from this and try and keep our sites of high standards so that we don”t get affected by other such updates. The problem, however, is that there is no definite way of recovery from updates and until we find out a method, we will have to stick to good-quality content generation and better link generation.

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    I wonder why Google is hell bent on ousting niche websites out of the competition. Niche websites carry comprehensive knowledge regarding the same, even of better quality than authority websites. If authority websites rule the roost in the near future, illumination will hardly ever come by.

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    i think that now, more than ever, you’ve got to be careful with these niche sites. Particularly if your using either a private or public blogging network to support them. This is something that Google have openly said they want to shut down, so if anyone’s planning on earning a realiable income here, take every precaution possible to protect your future earnings.

    Thanks for the post & for sharing your experience/thoughts.


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    Hi Dragos, gudluck fir your niche site project.. i also doing the niche site empire.. Currently have 5.. The most importance is, content.. Outsource our content and get the best content to ensure we survive longer..

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    You are right Dragos, its really tricky to decide what the future of niche sites will be like, and I agree with you on the point that it is better to have a couple of authority sites that are well maintained than to have a number of small niche sites which are not well updated and which will one day be banned. Better result can be achieved if we direct our efforts in the proper direction.

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    I have never been able to understand what is google upto exactly because of its randomly changing policies and terms. Moreover, it confuses me and I fail to undertsand their agenda behind all this mess. Yes it puts the small sites deeper in the mess and the big niche sites on the top. However, sometimes I feel this is unfair.

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