Content, SEO and Design Options for The Amazon Niche Site


Some Thoughts About The Content After you have finished reviewing 5 to 10 products, it comes the time to start building some links to your site. But first be careful when you build your content and not use a automatic plugin that will take the products and descriptions from Amazon automatically, just write yourself the reviews and […]

How To Build The Right Content For The Amazone Associates Niche Stores


This is the most tricky and most time expensive thing(from the time point of view) that you have to do. The content and the promotion of the products is very important not for search engines but also for the visitors. Google now is taking more into the consideration the unique content and it is penalizing […]

How to Building a WordPress Site to Host Your Amazon Niche Store

wordpress amazon niche store

After you have finished to choose the right domain name now comes the time to start building the web site. First thing that you need is a hosting provider where to host your site. A lot of company exists that can host your site and offer the possibility to host more domains at affordable prices.   […]

Finding the Best Domain Name for Your Amazon Niche Site

domain name keywords

After you have finished with the keyword research and finally decided over the keyword, comes the time in choosing the perfect domain name. The best types of domains to buy are: .com .net .org Is not really any difference between them because you can rank as easily, so don’t try to make this a factor […]

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Amazon Niche Store – Part 2


After we have chosen the main keywords for our niche stores, a deep analyze of them will be needed to see exactly how good they are and what related keywords they will offer us.  I am not an expert in keyword research, but lately I have tried to learn as much as possible and tried to use what I have […]

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Amazon Niche Store – Part 1

Best Keywords for Your Amazon Niche Store

After identifying the products you want to sell, comes the most important part of all: Choosing the keywords that has a chance in reaching the first page of search engines. If you want to be successful in selling Amazon products then reaching the first page is a must. What it can be seen from the studies is […]