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Bring The Fresh

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On July 6, 2012
Last modified:July 6, 2012


Bring The Fresh is a great product that can help you to earn money online and keep the pace with the current trends.

The last days I have stumble upon a great resource that can help me to make more money online and teach me more things and more strategies. Even if I am an internet marketer for some time and I have learned most of the tricks that are out there I still need all the help that I can get.

I don’t say that  Bring The Fresh will make you reach over night, still a lot of work will need to be done and some of you will not succeed to make a decent amount of money even after you follow the course. But with the help that you will receive from  Bring The Fresh you will be able to see all the ways that are out there to make money online and take advantage of them. Below you can find  a honest review of bring the fresh with all the things that it has to offer.


Bring The Fresh Overview

Bring the fresh is a video training course that can teach you ways to make money online. On the portal you can find videos of how to do keyword research, build a site, monetize a site and build links to promote it on the first page of Google. After you will register you will have access to a members forum where you can see how others members do and share thoughts and receive advises. The best part of this site is the fact that they are sharing everything. The members are well taken cared and the information’s are up to date, after every Google update you will find new updates and case studies that can help you. In this Bring The Fresh review you will find everything that you need to know about this service.

Have a look inside:

bring the fresh review

Bring The Fresh Included Stuffs

With one time 97$ you can have a basic membership where you have access to multiple videos and the forum. The site has also a full disclosure level in 66$ / month value where you will have access to more advanced videos and forums topics for full disclosure members.

The basic level  it will be enough to learn everything you need to know to earn money online. This course address the beginners and the advanced internet marketers.

Bring The Fresh Pros

As every product it has pros and cons, below are my pros:

  • great videos about how to do keyword research – keyword research is one of the most important part of making money online, on this site you will find everything you need to know.
  • the site is updated frequently – the information’s on the site are always fresh and keeping up with the latest Google updates.
  • the forum – the member forum is a great resource from where you can learn a lot and receive help.
  • great ideas – as far as I seen on bring the fresh you can find a lot of great ideas of how you can monetize your sites and how to make money online.
  • full disclosure – the money sites and the process used to rank and gain money are shared on this sites ( not a lot of sites is doing this)

Bring The Fresh Cons

  • videos are a little too long – my sensation is that the videos are a little to long, the videos can be more compact.
  • members area – the design of the member area is quite old and looks funny.

Why Buy Bring The Fresh

From now on I will put a section in every review of why would you buy the product, this is a question that everyone ask themselves and is very important. Below are some of the reasons why you should buy bring the fresh:

  • Bring the fresh is one of the best resource over the internet that shows you how to make money online, on the site you will find everything that is to know about different ways to make money online and how you can do that.
  • The member forum is great and you can find a lot of info there.
  • Full disclosure is another great thing that this site has to offer, all the money sites are shared in the training’s and all the methods that they are using to earn money and rank the sites.


At my first encounter with bring the fresh I was amazed of the details that I can find on this site and the things that they are teaching you. The videos and the information’s that can be found on this site are great and can teach you how to make money online. I am very happy that I have encounter this site because now I know more things and for sure I will use what is on this site to make more money online.

Bring The Fresh is a great product that can help you to earn money online and keep the pace with the current trends.


  1. says

    This is actually a really good move ya! Well, in this case, it will help boost the things more excitingly & make the work more efficiently! Good move to be seen!

  2. says

    Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. That kind of activities also make very good and nice way to search our destination.

  3. says

    This info is what I need, planning something for your site is really a great thing to do, cause we all know that many visitors would like to visit some blogs that has unique content and worth a read.

    • says

      For an experience IM it doesn’t, but for beginners it can be very helpful. Also for more advanced stuffs full disclosure it has more. An extra plus from my point of view is the member forum.

  4. says

    Hey Dragos!!
    This Bring The Fresh Video is just too good. I have just seen the video and I really find it an interesting one, specially it gives the tutorial on keyword research, site monetizing and many more. In short, this video is quite helpful for all the blog readers. Thanks for the share!!

  5. Ken says

    I have just started using bring the fresh, and have setup 3 sites in about a week. One of my sites has an average of 20 visitors per day already! When you setup sites you need to let them age a little, then you will be rewarded. There are so many people that quits because they think they will see income the first weeks, it’s not gonna happen. And many of the users that makes money of BTF has 50-100 niche sites so even if you have some dead ones you will get traffic in the end, and make more money than you have invested. One site takes you maybe around 40 minutes to setup perhaps even faster, and you can outsource your articles and let them target your keyword in both your article and header. Use original content that gets written don’t scrape for content, the new google update hates scraped content. When it comes to backlinks there are several ways to do that, you can go BTF route (wich is expensive), or you can outsource it to someone on fiverr (the cheap way). Crockservice on fiverr is recommended they have over 10000 gigs produced and no negative feedback. They can produce plenty of backlinks that google penguin likes a lot (check their feedback). Anyone that takes action can make money from Bring The Fresh!

  6. says

    I agree with Aditi and Ken and want to add that to optimize a site one needs to have both skills and luck.
    Yes, luck)) It’s sounds funny but I often think that without it I wouldn’t be where I am, according to life or SEO issues..
    So good luck to you all)


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