BudgetVM 1024 MB VPS from 3.99 $/Month – First Look and Details


For some time I am thinking to move some of my sites on a VPS ( Virtual Private Server) to have more freedom and more speed. I have already own one here in Romania for my different customers and from my sites but I have also wanted to have one for the sites from USA and the ones that are in English. The costs of a VPS are more higher then when it comes to shared hosting and that’s why not meany are using them. The administration of a VPS is also more hard to do and you have to have a basic Linux knowledge to do so.

Because of the higher price of a VPS I didn’t wanted to renounce to my shared hosting account an I was decided to wait a little more until I move my sites. Last weekend while I was browsing the net I have seen an ad with a hosting company that it is offering the VPS servers starting with 3.99 $ a month. When I sow BudgetVM offers I was amazed I thought that something was off. The price that BudgetVM has are very low are even lower then a shared hosting account thing that first make me think that the services aren’t the best ones and the speed and performance to not be that good. I wasn’t able to find a detailed review (positive or negative) on the net and because of this I have decided to try on my own to see how it works. I have bought a 4.99$ a month VPS with the following features: 1 GB dedicated RAM, 4 CPU’s, 80 GB storage space, 3 IP’s and 3000GB transfer that I am planing to test and see how it goes. Below are the prices for OPEN VPS’s:


Data Center Impressions

As you can see in the picture above the prices are very low, also you can choose the data center where to host your website. The hardware and speed with the internet are also ok as far I sow an their site, the internet speed is 1000Mbps (1Gbps) Network Ports. You have the possibility to choose from 22 Operating System Choices

Also I have seen that already in some data centers there aren’t any space to take the VPS, thing that shows that their products are soled.  From my point of view the price is very good and for 4.99$ you also get 3 IP addresses which if you buy them from a shared hosting company only this is 6$ a month.

BudgetVM First Impresions

I have purchased the  1024 MB VPS two days ago, the setup was fast and in only couple of minutes I had access to the server. I haven’t took any Cpanel licence  because it costs an extra 11$ a month and I don’t  need it. I decided to choose a open source cPanel alternative because there are a few. Because I hadn’t any experience with the open source cPanel alternatives I had to test a few to see how they goes until I will choose one. Because of this I have re-installed the OS system around 10 times thing done very easy and fast.

The performance until now seamed to be very good, the hardware is exactly as they say and the internet speed looks to be very good. Today I have done some tests on a site hosted at Hostgator and other on this VPS and the load speed seems to be more good on the VPS. The tests have been done from multiple locations. In the next article I will reveal more about the speed and the test because I haven’t finished yet the tests.


The price of only 4.99$ a month for a VPS is very good, I haven’t finished the tests but until now it looks like it has decent performances and it is ahead of a shared hosting account and the 3 static IP’s are great at this price. I will still do some tests to see if I will decide to move all my sites here.

At this price you can also try it for one month to see exactly how it is, I will share my test results and decision in a next article.

 BudgetVM VPS from 3.99 $/Month




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