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Review of: BudgetVM
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On November 7, 2012
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All the details that you need to know about BudgetVM and how it can help you to host your website.

In this article I would like to do a complete review of BudgetVM a site where you can buy a cheep reliable VPS to host your websites and not depend of shared hosting. I don’t about you but I prefer to host my site on a VPS and on share hosting because I consider that is more safe and the site is more fast. Lately I have seen some horror stories on the internet related with Hostgator and the blocking of some accounts because they were using to many resource. Because I don’t wan’t to risk this I prefer to have my own VPS and administer it in the way I like.

Support and Performance

I am with BudgetVM for two months and I can say that I am quite happy with the services that they are providing. My site was down only once when they had a maintenance and upgraded some of the servers that they have. This was a planned activity and I was informed before. My site load speed is very good and it is loading more fast then it has on share hosting with Hostgator or Bluehost, below is a picture with the speed done on pingdom:

The support I haven’t used it until now, but I don’t have any reasons to think that is not ok.


The price is very low and I was really amazed at first when I sow them, I thought that is a prank and maybe something is off. That’s why I have decided to test them first and see how it goes, and it had gone very well. With just a couple of dollars a month you can have a VPS and also dedicated IP’s.  Just think only how much a dedicated IP it cost at a shared hosting (2$) and here it will be included in price. So if you will buy a VPS with 512 MB of RAM and 40 of GB you will pay only 3.99$ and you will have also 2 dedicated IP’s.

At BudgetVM you can buy also a cPanel license but it costs another 9 $ a month and that’s something that I am not willing to pay but use a free alternative to cPanel. Some of the prices and what they have are below:

Data Center Impressions

As you can see in the picture above the prices are very low, also you can choose the data center where to host your website. The hardware and speed with the internet are also ok as far I sow an their site, the internet speed is 1000Mbps (1Gbps) Network Ports. You have the possibility to choose from 22 Operating System Choices

Also I have seen that already in some data centers there aren’t any space to take the VPS, thing that shows that their products are soled.  From my point of view the price is very good and for 4.99$ you also get 3 IP addresses which if you buy them from a shared hosting company only this is 6$ a month


The price is OK, the performance is very good what more it is stopping  you not to try it, you can start with a low account just for tests if you don’t believe me, just click the below link to try BudgetVM VPS hosting:

Get BudgetVM

All the details that you need to know about BudgetVM and how it can help you to host your website.


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