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On March 11, 2012
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A premium blog network where you can submit articles and have links to your sites.

linkvana reviewI am doing this Linkvana review to help new internet marketers making a better decision on what service to choose.  With the latest Google updates and the latest changes you need to be very careful with what blog network you use to promote your business and sites. In the past I have tried other premium blog  networks like LinkVana and now come the time to try this one too. Other premium blog network that you can use and I have already tested is BuildMyRank but for now the new registrations are closed and BuildMyRank doesn’t has all the features that LinkVana has. Below I will do a review of Linkvana presenting you some information’s about LinkVana and what it has to offer.

LinkVana 2.0 Review


As mention before Linvana is premium blogging network where you can submit posts,  articles and comments. Linkvana offers you the possibility also to buy social bookmarking packages. The network has around 1500 blogs spread on more C-Class IPs.  The average PR of the domains from the network is around 2.6. The articles published on the network blog are original and not spun, in this way being more trusty in Google eyes.

The articles has to be 100% original, a minimum article has to have 100 words and one link can be inserted into it . You can also include more links in one article up to 3 but the article has to have  minimum 250 words.

The price of LinkVana is 147$ and it can be quite expensive for the most of the internet marketers, but with 147$ you can include as many sites as you want. Giving the fact that this is a private network and it’s only accepting original articles the price is not high.

LinkVana Strong Point

I would like to highlight some of the strong points that LinkVana has to see better what it can do:

  • Well established network with high PR domains and aged domains
  • You can diversify the link campaigns – even you have to pay for services like social bookmarking or profile creation is better that you can do this from a easy interface. You can also build links threw comments that are sent  to the network blogs.
  • Outsourcing – if you have enough money you can outsource the article writhing. With 2$ you can have an 100 word article written for you.

LinkVana Weak Points

  • price – 147$ it can be a little high especially if you don’t have a lot of sites that you can add to the network, but it is better like this because the network is not overcrowded with users and post and this may look more natural to Google.
  • Articles submitted are not automatically bookmarked – an interesting feature that will increase for sure the value of a link coming from a Linvana article will be the automatically bookmaking of the article. It’s a shame that Linkvana doesn’t have this service.

LinkVana Bonus and Discount

Linkvana is offering more options when you register like a free 14 day trial or a bonus of 50 points at the first subscription to outsource your articles. Below are the links with all the LinkVana bonuses and discounts:

LinkVana Case Study

You can also try LinkVana for yourself with the free trial see how it goes. Here you can read more info about the free trial: Linkvana Trial.

Below are the case studies done so far:


LinkVana is a well known established premium blog network and it has some great feature to diversify your links directly on the network. The new interface of LinkVana 2.0 is easy to use and you can submit your articles or request very easy. Even if the price is quite high I think is worth it. If you will diversify the link building and not hurry for sure your keywords will rank and you will earn more money then you pay.

This was the LinkVana review, if you have information and thoughts please let a comment.

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A premium blog network where you can submit articles and have links to your sites.


  1. says

    LinkVana is is a great tool to have if you’re trying to build links, but the $147 is a little too pricey for me right now. I appreciate the link to the 14 day trial, because after reading your review I think I’ll give it a try.

  2. Mike says

    I’ve never really tried any backlinking service other than SEnuke a few years back which was a complete waste of money. I’ve been hearing about Linkvana for a long time though, so I think I will give the trial run a go and see if it seems good. The $147/month price sounds like a lot but if it helps makes you money, then paying for it seems like a no brainer.

  3. says

    Being new to internet marketing, I simply can’t afford any premium services just yet. I will certainly keep in in mind for future use if it survives all of the Google updates.

  4. says

    I keep on hearing about this LinkVana, I am glad I have visited your site for me to read this great review about this, specially that I am newbie to this business.Can you please share the link for me to try this up.

  5. says

    Great review! I will definitely be sure to check linkvana out for myself. Looks and sounds like a great link building tool to use. Haven’t heard of it before but think its worth giving it a try.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. says


    Appreciate your review, and I hope it’s honest one.

    Since BMR networks are tanked by big G, looking for an alternative.



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