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On February 21, 2012
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A great source from where you can choose the spun article sources.

Ultra Spinnable Marketplace Review

When I have discovered for first time Ultra Spinnable Articles Marketplace I was very happy because it helped me to speed up the things. This is my first spun article source and I can say that they are great. Before using  Ultra Spinnable Article Marketplace I had to write my own articles and spin them. The time needed to do this it was very much and kipped me from doing other more important things.

This is a service offered by the Leading Articles and from here you can buy packages that will give you points, then you can browse the article marketplace and buy any article you like. Ultra Spinnable articles offers you the possibility to create a free account to browse the article market and see exactly what they have to offer and what are the packages. FREE Access to the Ultra Spinnable Marketplace + Unspin-iT.

Below I will do a Ultra Spinnable Marketplace Review to see better what it has to offer and how it can help you best.

Ultra Spinnable Articles Marketplace Review

With the Ultra spinnable marketplace you can choose you articles as you like, you can register for free and see what they have to offer. Here is the  FREE Access to the Ultra Spinnable Marketplace + Unspin-iT and a video that can help you more to understand some of the services that Ultra Spinnable it is offering:


Advantages of  Ultra Spinnable Articles Marketplace:

  • Choose the articles you need – here you have the possibility to choose the article that you want, you search the article and you can download it.
  • Shared with only 300 members   – the spun articles have a great spun quality and they can only be downloaded by 300 members.
  • The are very original - the articles are quite original, as you can see from the video they are more then 70% original which is pretty good. They have the title spin, the paragraphs and also the sentences spun. The level of the spun it’s impressive.
  • Manually written – the articles are manually written and it can a little room for error.
  • Big article database – the database has around 3000 spun articles from where to choose, so I don’t think it will exist the risk to not have what too choose from.

The end result is an Ultra Spinnable Article that is anywhere between 12,500 to 15,000 words (yes, that is no mistake) and allows you to create about 116,415,321,826,934,814,453,125 unique variations from just one article (seems to big of a number right, but just take my word for it).

Disadvantages of  Ultra Spinnable Articles Marketplace

The only disadvantage that I can find for Ultra Spinnable Articles Marketplace is the price that it’s a little high. With 147$ a month you have access to 30 points. You can use this points to buy 30 or more articles a month. The price seams a little high but I think in the end it is worth.

Ultra Spinnable Articles Marketplace Bonus

If you will create a free account with my affiliate link you will receive a special bonus in terms of a discount.To have it you just have to follow the below steps:

1) Clean your browser cookies.
2) Click the link: FREE Access to the Ultra Spinnable Marketplace + Unspin-iT and create a free account.

3) Submit you details with the below form and will send you the code:
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A great source from where you can choose the spun article sources.


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    I really appreciate this great info about spin-able market place review, to be honest lately I am using the best spinner for creating a new spun article. the video explains it well, and trying to make me understand the best benefit using this ultra spin-able tool.

  2. says

    I always refer having loads of article on my website. They are loved by search engines as well as users. Thanks for making me aware about the spinning market. I think its a good strategy to have one if they are manually written and not copied.

  3. says

    Spinnable articles are also called spin-ready articles. These are articles that have been produced from an original, unique article, also called seed article. A team of writers take this seed article and rewrite each paragraph and each sentence a number of times; and they add the corresponding spinning syntax. This gives what we call an Ultra Spinnable Article. This is a huge piece of content (12,000+ words) that can be spun to thousands of unique articles of about 500 to 750 words each.

  4. says

    With all the thing I have heard and experienced with article spinning, I don’t think I will ever try it out again. But with that said it looks like you might have found one worth actually using if you are looking for such a program.

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