SEO Tips – All you need to do to have a site optimized for SEO

SEO TipsI am creating this guide of SEO Tips to help all the bloggers out there to optimize their blogs for the best  SEO, especially the new bloggers that doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about SEO. I am not blogging for a lot of time, neither know SEO for a lot of time. I’ve started blogging one year ago with the hope of learning as much things as possible  about SEO and SEM, in order to help as many bloggers as possible. Along the time I have written a lot of article about SEO and learned a lot of things,now came  the time to put all the articles that I have written  in one structured article to be easy for everybody.

Below I will make up a list with all the SEO Tips that you need to do to have the site optimized for the best SEO.

SEO guide to optimize your site for the best SEO

The list has a random order, is not ordered by importance (every thing on this list has his own importance and if you manage to do all your site will have a good SEO optimization)

1. Title and description

Every site and every page has to have a title and a description thats needs to be unique. Title and description needs to contain the keywords and have a specific length (title max 70 characters longs and description maximum 150) . More detailed description about title can be found here: Importance of title in SEO.

2. Permalinks Structure (Slugs)

The permalinks needs to have a clean aspect and contain the keywords, by doing so you will be assured that your content will be found easy on the internet and also you will succeed to achieve higher rankings. Additional information can be found here: WordPress SEO Guide: Permalinks.

3. Write Content optimized for SEO

Not many knows the bases of well optimized content, in one hand you have the bloggers or webmaster that ignore completely this aspect and in other hand you have the ones that abuse of this and write content only optimized for SEO not for visitors. To create a perfect content you have to find a balance. Some key aspects of how to write optimized content for SEO can be found here:  The Best Tips To Write a Search Engine Optimized Content.

4. Have a powerful internal linking structure

The structure of your internal links plays and important role in SEO optimization. You can read the following article for informations of how to better optimize your internal link structure: Best 10 Practices for Internal Linking.

5. Avoid duplicate content.

Duplicate content can cause a lot of harm to your SEO. Google modified the search algorithm this year to rank higher the site that have unique content. Hire is two articles to help you in reducing the number of duplicate content:

6. Regular updated content

Search engines really loves sites that are updating the content frequently, so if you want to have more success it will be advisable to add a blog to your site and try to write a couple of article a month. The articles needs to be original and not be copied.

7.  Have a search engine friendly structured site.

This is not only important for SEO is also important for your visitor to find the info they need more easily. Yoast has written a very impressing article that could help you in haveing a search engine friendly site : Intelligent Site Structure for better SEO.

8. Build quality backlinks

Backlinks are very important if you want to reach Google first page. Having as many backlinks with the keyword in the anchor text is very important. In order to have a positive impact backlinks needs to come from sites related to yours. Authority of the backlink is also very important, linking to sites that have a higher PR it is more good then linking to a lot of sites with low PR. Below are some articles that can help you find some good backlinks:

9. Control the number of outbound links.

The quality of the outbound links has also a direct influence over your SEO. A good tactic is to reduce the number and try to link only with sites from your category. For more info you can read the following article: Outbound Links and the Effect over Page Rank.

10. Broken outbound links

There  is really no excuse of having broken links on your site, a lot of tools exist to identify and remove them. Many broken links on a website can make a search engine think that the website has been abandoned. My advice is to try and clean up as much as possible from them.

This was my list of SEO Tips to do in order to have a site well optimized for SEO and receive a lot of visitors. If you think than new thinks can be added to the list let me know and I will do so.

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Thank for reading and if you need help don’t hesitate to contact me.