Google Page Rank Update Dec 2010 – PR is Not Dead

There are a lot of rumors on the internet that Google Page Rank is dead and no Google Page Rank Update was done from April. Well I can say that this rumors are not true and have no foundations. Browsing the internet is the one constant thing that I do every day, I have SeoQuake toolbar installed to […]

Future Google Page Rank Prediction Tools

Future Google Page Rank Prediction

On the internet are a lot of Google Page Rank Prediction Tools, I have tried some of them to see if they can predict your future Google Page Rank. Of course that these tools are not 100% sure, maybe not even close but who knows for sure ? Google didn’t make public a tool that […]

Will Google Page Rank Still Be Important in 2011

google page rank importance

From some time I am trying to respond to the question: Google Page Rank Will Still Be Important in 2011 ?. I my quest on the internet I have encountered different opinions and ideas about the importance of Google Page Rank, some are saying that it is important others that is not important and it […]

Google Page Rank Update June 2010

I had a very big surprise when I heard that Google had a page rank update at the end of May 2010, first I didn’t believed this and I have started to look around on internet about news of this PR update. After some search and reading some forum posts I was able to find […]