Google’s EMD Algorithm Update

On 28.09.2012 Matt Cutts announced on Twitter about a algorithm update that will affect the exact mach domain that are ranking in the first pages. According to Matt Cuts the algorithm is “upcoming” but the results of it started to show already and some of my EMD domains are not ranking on first page of Google. Below is the tweet image:

Below is the picture with the EMD influence done by SEOMoz and taken from the article: Google’s EMD Algo Update – Early Data which you can read.

As it can be seen from the above graph the EMD influence in the top 10 rankings has decreased with about 0.4% on 28.09.2012 which make me think that the algorithm modification has been already applied.

 What this update means for niche site owners and for the future of niche site:

With this update building niche sites that will rank in the first positions of Google have become even harder, with this algorithm update will better analyze the EMD trying to reduce the spam. From my point of view EMD still has a future but good clean links has to be build for the EMD in order to have any chances in ranking. Now I don’t know if it is worth any more to buy and build EMD as niche sites, it will be better to focus on one bigger site that is promoted well.

This are my thoughts about this updates, what about you?


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    EMD update have affected many websites.. My website also get kicked.. But, my emd not so emd… Google should have better conclusion on this..

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    I think google still ranks high exact domain match site. I experienced it. I bought domain name & Within 2 days , this domain name is ranked 1st in google for keyword ” gaurav vichare ” .

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      EMD was introduce to adjust the rankings of EMD domains had, only because they had the keyword in the name they were ranking higher.

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