How Social Networking Has Altered the Job Search Scenario?

They say social networking has altered every aspect of present-day human life, and they can’t be anymore true. Social networking has left no stone unturned, and the latest addition in the list is the job hunting arena. If you haven’t been on the job search scene for a while, we won’t blame you of being unaware about the colossal change that social networking has brought about. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have become the new hotspots for employers to look for the budding and, of course, engaging pool of workers. In study revealed that 25% employers in Australia take resort of Twitter and Facebook to scan their prospective candidates. With your social activity having such influence on your job profile, it becomes imperative to be extra cautious about what your post on your social profiles and what you hide. You never know which of your post can take away that golden employment opportunity from you.

There isn’t any fixed trick to highlight your social profile for the employers to notice, a few cautions can ensure that they just don’t simply overlook it. Here’s an overview of the mistakes that you must avoid committing while going social with your profile:

Err #1: Discriminatory Comments: The next time you make any discriminatory comments on posts of any friend or family member, think twice. Research shows that employers see discriminatory comments as a red flag. Almost 37% employers believe that discriminatory comments count against a job seeker and can make him or her lag in the job hunt. The only thing which is worse than such comments is the mention of a criminal record or drug addiction. If you want to create a good impression on your potential employers, it is best to avoid making any racist or discriminatory comments that can hurt. Remember, this can even cost you a job which, otherwise, you are well-qualified for.

Err #2: Inappropriate Posts: Inappropriate material really puts off potential employers and makes them overlook your profile. One of the biggest mistakes committed by job seekers is to post inappropriate content of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. While such posts may amuse your friends and family members, an employer might not find it that funny or humorous. In a poll, 31% employers said that posting illicit, nude or any other derogatory material will count against the job seeker.

Err #3: Inappropriate Use of Social Media during Work Hours: Your social media profiles can land you into trouble, even after you have secured the job. You should never send friendship requests to your employers or management members- 50% employers see it as a potential threat of spoiling the relationship between the employee and employer. 44% employees say you might be in a huge muddle if you post negative remarks about your job or employer on your social media profile. Even if you talk derogatory about your prior employer, it can cost you your future job prospects. 18% employers have agreed upon checking the profiles of their current employees to see if they are posting any negative remarks.

Tips on Honing Your Social Skills to Secure a Job

Carefully analyze everything that you post on your social profile. The images or comments that you post might be funny for your friends, but your employer can perceive it to be offensive. If possible, scan your profile and remove all offensive comments and photographs. You can also make some considerable changes in your profile, so that only a few people can view your posts. Take time out and change your privacy settings as such that only family and friends can access your posts.

While we never say that use your social profile with just job search on your mind, you should be careful about the impression your social profile is posing on others. After your curriculum vitae and your work experience, online presence is the next big thing that creates your reputation among potential employers.
Source:- Steve Graham is associated with Xicom Technologies as a Sr. Web Developer. Xicom is leading Java development Company providing Java software development, Java application development services, Enterprise Java Development, custom Java development, Java Web Development services & Hire Java Developers.


  1. says

    I have to agree here. Before I hired someone or even went on a date with someone I would check out their Facebook account. People really tend to let it all hang out there for some reason as if no one is watching.

    As employers, we want people who will use good judgement in all arena’s.

    Take care.

  2. jocelynverna says

    Obviously if you really want your job, you won’t do any nasty things to upset your employer but still your post is a good reminder to those workers who are not very careful with what they are doing on any social media sites.

  3. says

    Great tips Steve! I always prefer keeping personal and professional life apart. I always love to play safe and who wants to put their job on stake? Carefully analyzing everything that you post on your social networking sites is the best way to be secure. I truly enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing it.

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