How to Get Free 1000 Twitter Followers a Week

twitter For a long time I was struggling to get more followers, at first I haven’t had that much luck, I have tried various ways of how to do this but without much luck. I even write an article about this  – How To Get More Twitter Followers In The Shortest Time Without Much Work but the methods here was not that successful.

After I have returned from a nice holyday I have started to look around for another ways of making followers and in the end paid of below I will explain you the exact steps that I have followed to do this.

Steps of How to Get Free 1000 Twitter Followers a Week:

1. First step:

I have found out about a software that can help you obtaining this TweetAdder, first I tooth that this is another software that does nothing, but in the end I have decided to use it what I got to lose. I have tried to find a cracked version on the net but this wasn’t possible, after this I have installed the demo version to see what it can do. The demo was offering 250 user to follow and 250 user to unfollow.

2. Second step:

I have installed the software and I have started to follow user in SEO category. After I have finished all my 250 user to follow I was very disappointed because only around 50 followed me back. After a few days I have seen that user that I wasn’t following started to follow me, and I have started to wander why? The response it was very simple I was still in TweeAdder database and new user that ware using the software was following me. In this way I gain around 20 followers  a day.

3. Third step:

Then it strike me what will happen if I will start to follow the followers of the user that it was following me, maybe they ware using TweetAdder to. Let me say that this was a strike of genie, I was following the first 20 user of the user that ware following me and in this way my twitter followers increased at 1000 in one week maybe more if I wouldn’t be that lazy.

4. Fourth step:

Some of the users that I was following it wasn’t following me back so this wasn’t very good for my rotation. I have looked around on the internet for a unfollow site so to have the possibility to unfollow the ones that weren’t following me back. After some searching I have found Justunfollow a grate tool that helped me to unfollow 100 user a day.

So here are my four steps to use for Geting Free 1000 Twitter Followers a Week . You should try this because you will not have nothing to lose.

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    Those are very nice tips but what I have learned from Twitter is that you can grow your followers naturally by just being active enough i.e. posting interesting stuffs on web and following other people who have large followers (not celebs) and are friendly enough.

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    yes wonderful piece of information you are sharing with us because twitter is really helpful to achieve traffic for websites and if i get the followers in that application i will automatically gets more and more traffic for my websites.

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    I have over 23,000 friends on Twitter and that Justunfollow tool is going to help me get rid of the people not following me back. It will save me a ton of time, thanks.

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    Your list is very much spot on and describes exactly what I did to expand my folowers. I woud however, like to add a fifth point: Get your twitter page a unique design. I found that my twitter followers increased by a further 10% with a good page design.

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    TweetAdder is best tool for getting twitter followers . Only doubt is social exchange of likes and follows will affect the google Tos ?


  1. Thank you……

    A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in ypour field….

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