Best WordPress Price Comparison Theme

If you are thinking to create a price comparison site then for sure you have to take a look to what WordPress has to offer. From some time WordPress has some developed themes that can help you create your perfect price comparison site, in this article I would like to present you the best WordPress price comparison themes that are out there in order to chose the perfect one for you.

A price comparison theme will allow you to import products with prices from different stores that are out there like Amazon, eBay, etc and display them on a page with their prices and in this way your visitors can choose the best price of a product. With a help of such a theme you can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing and other sources. Now lets see below the best WordPress price comparison themes that are out there.

Price Compare

The theme has the possibility to stream directly thousands of products from Amazon and CJ, but also the theme is allowing you to create an unlimited number of feeds from .csv files. All those looking for price comparison functionality with WordPress will have a hard time finding a theme that will match the clean looks and advanced feed functionality of Price Compare. Widgetized homepage will enable all users, regardless of their skill to set up the site just the way they want it!


Details | Price: 65$     

ComparisonPress WordPress Price Comparison Theme

ComparisonPress is a price comparison theme for WordPress that lets you setup price comparison websites and earn affiliate commission online. You can import any affiliate XML or CSV product list into your ComparionPress website using our built in feed tools. If your feed file is updated daily you can set the system to automatically reimport the file hourly, daily or twice daily. You can search, filter and import products directly from Amazon, Ebay and Datafeedr right from the ComparionPress Admin Area.

comparisonpress-wordpress-price-comparison-themeDetails | Price: 75$

Compare – Price Comparison Theme for WordPress

Compare is a Powerful, Professional, Premium WordPress Price Comparison theme. It comes packed with an impressive array of custom options and widgets allowing you to control the look & feel and products to be shown on the site. Whether you’re an occasional personal blogger planning to earn revenue from product feeds, experienced affiliate or an Internet Entrepreneur, Compare has you covered and will assist you to generate commission from product sales. Using the theme options and widgets you can manually add products and import your CSV product feed, control content layout, manage your own advertising, pull in your latest tweets, show your latest video, display your latest photos, and much, much more.


Details | Price: 40$

This are the best WordPress comparison themes that exists now, I hope that one will help you to create the site you like the most. You you know other themes please share them with us below with a comments so other can know and me to include it here.


  1. says

    Nice article Dragos.

    I have not used WordPress till date. Maybe I should try it now!

    I have a domain which I thinking of developing to a good content website …. Maybe I will use WordPress for it!

    • says


      WordPress is the best platform for everything. After you get the hang of it will be really easy to use. Just give it a try an d you will see.


  2. says

    For every eCommerce website these kinds of wordpress price comparison themes are very effective to attract visitors or customers on your website. That is the reason i always prefer wordpress CMS because it is easy, cheap and effective for every kind of business.

  3. says

    I initially tried using wordpress for my price comparison website but had problems getting my head around it and making it do exactly what I had in mind, which was to allow users to sell their own products for free on the site aswell and have them appear in the price comparison pages, so I decided to just start off my own CMS, and while it doesn’t look as nice as these themes you have mentioned, i’m not limited to what WordPress can offer.

    Out of curiosity, do these themes allow theautomatic downloading and parsing of XML sheets from affiliate websites, which is necessary to update prices on a price comparison website automatically, or do they require the website owner to login every day and update the prices manually? Just wondering as I really can’t see how wordpress would be good for a large scale price comparison site with over 200,000 products.

    • says


      Some of the themes is downloading an csv file and uploading it automatically. For all the details and features you will have to go and check every theme page.


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