Best WordPress Auction Themes and Plugins

A while back I had in mind to create a auction site and I wanted to create it with a WordPress theme or plugin to be more familiar with what I am already using. I have search for a while to find all the WordPress auction themes and plugins that are out there to make an idea and choose the best one.  I will tell you from beginning that there aren’t a lot of WordPress auction themes and plugins available out there, but in this article I will present you the best ones that I know so you can have and idea and decide to buy one if you need it.

Best WordPress Auction Themes Available

1. AuctionPress

AuctionPress gives you the tools to quickly and easily build incredible, search engine optimized, auction websites that are easy to manage and packed full of great features. Some of the most important features of AuctionPress are:

  • Charge Visitors to Submit Auctions 
  • Private Messaging
  • Reserve Price, Offers & Buy Now
  • Relist Tool
  • Registration Verification
  • Feedback System
  • Featured Auction & Google Maps

For the complete details visit the official site.


Details | Price: 79$ 

2. SiteMile – WordPress Auction Theme

This premium theme is by far the best and most popular wordpress auction and reverse auction theme on the internet available at this date. The Auction Theme has many features and comes with rock solid and well written code. These facts make the Auction Theme the best and the most desirable wordpress theme (wordpress app) for starting an auction website on the market.

It comes with a comprehensive back-end, packed with a lot of features, for the auction posters as well as for the auction bidders, multiple payment gateways and tight wordpress integration. Launch your own auction website in minutes, with a few mouse clicks.

Also the Auction Theme can be used as a marketplace theme. For example you can set this theme to only sell “buy now” products and get your own real market website. It can also work with digital goods

Details | Price: 69.90$

This two are the best WordPress auction themes that I know, for more information’s about all the features and what they have to offer please visit their site.

Best WordPress Auctions Plugins

If you don’t wan’t to use one of the theme above maybe you can use a WordPress plugin that can help you transfer your site into a auction one. Below are the best WordPress auctions plugins that I know, maybe one of it can help you:

1.WordPress Auctions Plugin

This is a plugin developed by Sitemile, AuctionPlugin is a premium wordpress plugin and the best wordpress plugin that lets you to integrate a powerful auction system directly into your wordpress blog, making it the best wordpress auction plugin on the market (tested & reviewed).

The auctions have their own separate custom post type, allowing you to host auctions in your wordpress based site, without disturbing your current blog activity, or other custom post types. Also along with the plugin come a series of widgets which will allow you to integrate this plugin with any wordpress theme out there.

Create a job freelancer website, an antiquities store, a car website, or whatever implies an auction with your own theme. This is the perfect turnkey solution for you.

Download | Price: 49 $

2. WordPress Auction Software

Turn any WordPress site into a professional auction website. has a unique WordPress Auction Software. This is a auction software plugin specially designed for WordPress. Full of the features you need in a professional auction website.

The WordPress Auction Plugin is Paypal ready meaning you can charge your members to post auctions and or premium features. The admin area is professionally designed with everything you need to run a professional auction site. Features include auction listing, auction showcase, auction duration, buy it now, reserve price, comments and tons more.

Download| Price: 149$

3.WP Auctions

Your first auction can be live on your site in a matter of minutes. Set up is as easy as downloading our plugin, uploading it via the WordPress backend and activating. You can then set up your first auction and easily monitor your bids!

There are many ways how you can show your auction on your site. We have a sidebar widget which can be placed in any widget ready area, preferably the sidebar. You can insert an auction in your Post or Page using handy shortcodes and even use our List Widget (free for Pro Plus users) to show more of your auctions at the same time

Download| Price:25$


  1. says

    People like to bid at auctions where the premises are healthy and professional. And when it comes to online auctions, themes and plugins play the part of premises. Hence it’s important to upload a suitable and appealing theme to our auction blog, in order to attract potential bidders. Attractive themes here, Dragos. I personally love the SiteMile theme. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    If you have plans to create an auction website then this is the perfect site for you. You have been saved the trouble of going through the results page of search engine and checking out each result personally. The writer has done that and presents the ones which are useful for you. The author has not only named the plugins but has also highlighted the features of each Plugin so that you make a better decision. So now you can choose the Plugin which meets your requirements and budget.

  3. says

    Great list Dragos, I personally like SiteMile because it can be used as a marketplace theme. However, I would much rather just use a plugin to convert my one of my current sites into an auction site. The 3 plugins you’ve listed here look great but I would rather download one for free. Do you know of any free auction plugins?

  4. says

    You have made it so easy to understand and make use of the wordpress auction themes and plug ins. This was very confusing and I was unclear about all this information before reading your post. However, now I am sure I am going to use this information to dvelope my blog better. Thanks.

  5. BillyD says

    We got the auction plugin from because it can be used with any theme. The stuff is isolated to one theme only so all the auction sites look the same. Also, we first bought the auction theme from SiteMile and it had a lot of things not working with it and the tech staff was very slow at getting things working. So, we went with They didn’t have the feature for admin only listings but they have promised to put that feature into the next version and from what I hear, it comes out next week. Keep you posted…

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