Best WordPress Plugins to Build an Amazon Affiliate Site

Earning money online is every blogger dream, I have entered in the internet marketing business two years ago and from then I am trying to earn as much money as I can online. Earning money online is not that easy and some time you need all the help that you can get to do that.

Amazon affiliates or associates can bring you a nice amount of money by promoting Amazon products. You can promote Amazon products on your blog where you like to write about what interests you or you can build Amazon niche sites to promote products, a detailed course about how to build niche sites and promote Amazon products you can find here:

In this article I would like to present you some great WordPress plugins that can help you to build Amazon affiliates site or include links to Amazon products very easy in your site.

WordPress is a great platform that can help you build sites and blogs, with the help of WordPress you can have an Amazon affiliate niche site in couple of minutes. With WordPress you can easily have the best SEO for your Amazon affiliate site or you can have the help of the plugins that were already developed to help you. WordPress have a great variety of plugins from where to choose from to customize your site.

Why use WordPress Plugins to Build Amazon Niche Sites:

Amazon have a great interface where you can customize your links and images in the way you like, why would you use a payed plugin for building Amazon niche sites?

The answer is very simple, with the help of the plugins you can very easily choose the products and include them in your posts, you have a lot of widgets that can help you a lot, some plugins can pull the description and comments directly from Amazon, the product it has a nice format on your site and much more reason exists.

The Best Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

On the market there are also payed and free WordPress plugins to build Amazon Affiliates sites, the payed ones have more features and do a better job in helping you to build Amazon niche sites. Below I will put the best ones that are out there together with the discount code where is available.

1. Review Azon Pro 2.0

Review Azon Pro 2.0

Review is one of the best WordPress plugin that can help you to build Amazon niche sites. Is easy to use, it is very easy to integrate with any WordPress theme and it has some interesting widgets. The support forum is great and you can find a lot of great information’s out there. The new 2.0 version it comes with a lot of interesting features like: Spinnable Post Titles, amazon product grid display, scheduling products, creating templates for products, keyword to links, shopping cart feature, custom post fields from Amazon product data and much more.

ReviewAZON Pro can integrated with some of the most popular affiliate plugins on the market such as PhpBay Pro and PHPOStock, as well as other shortcode based plugins, to display other affiliate products along side your Amazon products giving you a distinct advantage in earning affiliate commissions!

The price of Review Azon 2.0 is not that high 79$. To be able to enjoy a better price here is a discount coupon code that you can use to have 35% discount, just click this link:  Review Azon 2.0 and insert “Reviewazonpro35” to have the discount.

2. WP Zon Buider


Another great WordPress plugin that can help you to build Amazon affiliate sites or include nice product in your posts. The installation is very easy and you can add product in a couple of minutes, this plugin has a SEO option and it can be integrated very easy with All-in-One SEO Pack. The most important features that WP Zon Builder has are: easy search Amazon products and include them in your post, scheduling products, creating templates for products, custom post fields from Amazon product data, side bar widgets, duplicate checking and much more features.

You can integrate WP Zon Builder with phpOStock, phpBay, Auction2Post, and other plugins you can display products from, eBay, and more.

The price of WP Zon Builder is 99$. You can click this link:WP Zon Builder and use the coupon code: “hpgoodboy” to have a 33% discount.

3. phpZon


Unlike other Amazon plugins, phpZon doesn’t create WordPress posts based on Amazon products. Instead, you are responsible for creating the posts manually and then you utilize the powerful search capabilities of the plugin to either display a single product or lists of products that are based on finely tuned search criteria.

This are some of the best phpZon features: Amzon product search, bulk import of products, template creation, widgets, cashing, SEO options.

The price is 79$, to better enjoy it you can click this link: phpZon and enter 831524D3B6 coupon code.

Best Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

If you don’t wan’t to pay for a plugin to do the job, you can choose from a free one. Below I will put the best free Amazon WordPress plugins from where you can choose the perfect one for you.

1. Affiliate Easel for Amazon

With the affiliate easel, you can easily add amazon links and information to you blog. From a simple item image in a post to a full web store.

2. Amazon Reloaded

This plugin makes it easy for post authors to quickly search Amazon’s index from their WordPress post interface and grab text links or images to place in their posts. The text links can optionally contain an indivdual’s affiliate tag, if entered on the settings screen.

3. Amazon Link

This plugin is used to quickly add Amazon products to your WordPress posts and pages. The products can be simple text links, thumbnail images, fullsize images, complex templates or full-blown Amazon flash widgets

4. AmazonSimpleAdmin

AmazonSimpleAdmin lets you easily integrate Amazon products into your wordpress pages. By using the template feature, you can present the products in different styles on different pages. All by typing simple BBCode tags


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    Very good info, I’ve been looking for a list of amazon plugins. I’m going to try the free ones out first and see how it goes. thanks!

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