Best WordPress Themes for Book Authors

book-self-publishing-620x349Don’t judge a book by it’s covers they say. But doesn’t that actually state the contrary? If you had to advise it probably you are aware of the importance of “looks” in our society. It is so important nowadays to direct marketing studies and establish the impact of color, fonts, design- that the product is not anymore the leading actor on the scene. Hence, it is even more important to give it a thought before randomly picking up a theme for your next book project.

Any book author will be more informed and satisfied after reading the following article. Its main purpose is to help you understand what you should look for and what your public needs in order to be attracted by your book. First of all, aspect is very important- go for a clean theme, easy to follow by readers, easy to organize, to customize- picture if and where you can put your logo, how you can upload the book covers, make sure that you can link it easily to Amazon. It is very important that you choose a SEO friendly theme- because you want your fans to find you easily in any search engine, you need continuous and increasing traffic. Last, but not less important make sure that you have a catchy button, accessible anytime that would help the reader buy your book- do not worry it might seem somehow aggressive – most people prefer it simple and visible and, in the end, your main goal is to sell. Below you can browse to some of the most popular WordPress themes for book authors.



Details | Price: 65$

Created specifically for book author to showcase their book online and generate more sales. reate a quick, professional website for your book within minutes in WordPress using our strategically designed eBook theme, especially for Book authors.

The Novelist: Responsive WP Theme for Writers


Details|Price: 50$

The  developer of this theme advertises: If you’re looking for a basic blog, you’ve come to the wrong place. This theme is built for the serious writers looking to showcase their talents. ‘The Novelist’ is a premier RESPONSIVE portfolio theme for authors and/or copy writers. Content is king people.

BookPage – Sell your books with Style!

Details|Price: 8$

BookPage is the landing page template for all those internet marketeers who are releasing their own (E) Book. It has everything you need to show of your hard work.

WordPress For Writers

Details|Price: 30$

With advanced layout options, gorgeous large article images, citation support, article series, and author images, all wrapped up in a fully responsive design, WordPress For Writers takes care of making your site look beautiful and allows you to do what you do best: write.

Finding the most suitable theme for your work and style is crucial if you are a professional looking for long term results. There is no use rushing or ignoring these aspects. They will ensure your voice is heard in the world. Check out similar pages, see what catches your eyes, avoid what you find too much and in the end you will make the right choice.


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