Best WordPress Themes

While I was blogging I had the chance to work with more themes and learn different useful things. The best thing that you have to do in order to have success with your blog is to have the Best WordPress Themes installed.WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and a lot of themes and plugins were developed for this reason. Choosing the best WordPress theme has become more a challenge for new bloggers that doesn’t know to much about WordPress. In this article I will focus only on the premium WordPress themes because they are the best ones that you can have.

best wordpress themes

Best WordPress Themes

This days the best themes are build on frameworks because they are more easy to customize them and create new skins. A lot of frameworks has been developed in the last year and maybe for some of you it may be difficult to choose the best ones. Best WordPress Themes developed on frameworks are not exactly cheep and you have to pay some considerable amounts of money for them.

Below is a list with them order by the importance:

1. Thesis Theme

thesis-125x125This is the most popular theme on the internet. Thesis theme is the one that I have chose to build my blog on.  Thesis theme is SEO ready it won’t be necessary for you to install additional plugins. You can change the format and choose from the number of columns your site would like to be (1,2,3), also the width for every column can be adjusted on the fly by inputing the values in a box. A lot of other great features like customization of the navigation menu, feature box and multimedia box. The header can be loaded as well.

Thesis theme has the biggest developers community, in case you need to install and configure it you can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube and Google. A lot of skins are already developed for it, free or payed ones. The price of thesis is not that cheap it costs $87 for single site and $164 for multi sites, also if you want to buy a premium theme you have to give even more money. The feature, customizing options and support makes this theme the best on the market and in the near future Thesis 2.0 will be released making it even better.

2. StudioPress Genesis Theme

genesis125x125Genesis Theme is my second choice being very close to Catalyst Theme in third place, this theme won the second place because is more popular and has a lower price.  This theme is also SEO ready being no need for a SEO plugin. Is also very easy to customize and it comes with a lot of child themes to choose from. Genesis them will update automatically once a new release is available. The only thing that is not that great of this theme is the support, the informations are not that easy to find if you wan’t more in detail customization. The price for Genesis framework is $59.95 and $24.95 for a child theme ( $79.95 for both 1 child theme and the Genesis Theme Framework) and it can be installed on how many sites you want to.

3.  Catalyst Theme

catalyst-125x125A new framework that was only lunched 6-7 months ago, Catalyst Theme started to attract more and more bloggers and developers. Catalyst Theme is the old Frugal theme a easy to customize theme. This theme is also SEO ready and it comes with 600 design options to customize almost every element of your site. The 22 pre made skins for sure will be perfect for helping you in giving a better look to your site. The price of catalyst theme comparably with Thesis is peaty good $97 for the 22 skins and you can install it on an unlimited number of sites.  For sure this theme has the potential to became the best WordPress theme in the future.

4. Headway Themes

125x125HeadwayThis is a great theme that can help you to customize your site in real time. Headway Themes 2.0 has a great Visual Editor with which you can modify your site in real time. If you are not satisfied with the position of an widget or you want something new, now it can be easily done with Headway Themes 2.0. Like the other themes this also comes with a strong SEO support, helping you in creating a great SEO optimized site. Even if it has a great Visual Editor this theme it still needs to be learned. Working with it is not that easy and you will need more time then you would with Thesis or Catalyst Themes. The price it can be compared with the one from Thesis is $87 for 2 sites and $164 for an unlimited number. A little expensive if you ask me.


For sure a lot more WordPress themes are out there like WooThemes, CouponPress or Optimizepress but the best WordPress themes from my point of view (and not only mine) are the ones mention above. They are easy to optimize, SEO ready and the support is great. In the near future I will review every one of them, with a video so you can better make an idea.

Good Luck in choosing the best WordPress theme for you.


  1. Network Recovery says

    Sorry to say I have never used the Thesis theme, but I have Genesis. Can say it is one of the best framework type themes I have ever used. Very easy to install, and work with.

  2. says

    I largely agree with your post, but I’d add ElegantThemes. With 100,000 members, 60 plus themes and some of the best theme designs on the planet, they definitely are a top theme developer.

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