How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Widget to WordPress

In this article I would like to present you how you can add a YouTube subscribe widget to your WordPress blog to attract more subscribers to YouTube. If you already have a YouTube channel it will  be a shame not to include also the YouTube subscribe widget on your blog. With WordPress you have also the opportunity to do this via a plugin but the best thing it will be to avoid using the plugin and do this by yourself because it’s very easy and fast. The widget is very user friendly and like the Facebook Fan Page / Like Page widget users can subscribe to your channel without the need to leave the page.

Live Demo

Below is an example of the YouTube Subscriber Widget, hit subscribe when you are done :)

Steps to Add YouTube Subscribe Widget to WordPres

1. Go to Appearance => Widgets and add a test widget to the sidebar. After this you have to paste the code from the below step in it with the modification and hit save.

2. Copy and paste the below code in the widget:

<center><!–YouTube Subscribe Gadget–><iframe src= style=”overflow: hidden; height: 130px; width: 260px; border: 0;” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe></center>


  • Replace the red code from above script with your YouTube user name.Your YouTube username is displayed in the top right of the page when your logged into YouTube beside the sign out link.It will have no spaces, for example mine is bitdoze as one word.
  • The blue code is for the width and height of the widget, from here you can adjust it as you like depending of the sidebar size that you have.


If help is needed just let a comment down and I will help you.


  1. says

    This is as easy as snatching candy from a kid. And the widget fits in the design of my blog wonderfully. My blog is not all that successful, but whenever I achieve success with it, I’ll have become a YouTube partner too. Thanks for sharing this valuable bit of information.

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