How to Clean Spam Scripts in a WordPress Theme?


Spamming can be termed as the abuse of electronic mail system in arbitrarily sending bulk messages. Spams are found over the internet and other media in many forms such as a Usenet newsgroup spam, instant messaging spam, spam in blogs, mobile phone messaging spam, junk fax transmissions, Online classified ads spam, wiki spam, file sharing network spam etc.

The sender of the spam mail has no other cost rather than the management cost occur due to the operating cost of the mailing system. So it is economically feasible to the advertisers as the barrier to enter into the market is very low. Therefore the risk of spamming is increasing day by day. You cannot hold responsible the sender of the mail for this mass mailing system. Spamming simply is a way to advertise continuously a certain thing to somebody who actually do not want the same.


In some places the issue is very sensitive. Big companies such as Google, Yahoo and Myspace are very strict regarding the matter. If you are a continuous spammer that means spams are coming from your IP address on a regular basis then you will be fined for your act and may be banned to use the site for months of period.

If you are dealing with the social site like Myspace or Bebo then be careful while making this type of blunder as they are very sensitive to spam. Many newbies get banned from internet due to this reason.

The WordPress is a very mature, stable and secure software which need to be maintained. As it is widely used by the great mass of users. That is the reason why the efficiency and competence of the software is going down so it is quite essential to protect it from malware, malicious code, scripts virus infection etc.. There is a chance for the website of getting infected is through using an unsecured FTP clinging to the remote server. Insecure connection refers to a connection in public wifi in an airport or hotel, the Starbucks connection etc. where the router is not secured. Your web page will get infected even though your computer is free from virus.

The greatest problem of the current day world The Cyber Criminals are increasing day by day. If you take the example of social networks, you can find at least 67 percent of users of sites having spammed during 2010 in Facebook.


How to Protect WordPress:

After learning all the ways that how a website is getting infected, now we will focus on the ways, how to keep it clean and secured from infection or viruses.

Timely Reset Your Password: It is quite important to regularly reset your password of WordPress admin, FTP, and web hosting control panel. However it is advisable to reset it once in an every couple of months. Never use a same password for multiple website.Makes sure to use a strong password with numbers and the alphabet along to be on a safer side.

Update everything: Ensure that your WordPress is updated, along with all plugins and theme as well. Just check to be sure if your theme has an update available when you obtained it from a developer.

Remove unused and outdated items: Timely removes all times as well as plugins those are not in use or inactive. In addition to that make sure to remove any plugins that haven’t had long update.

Get rid of WordPress elements: Always use a secure plugin such as Better Word Press Security or Secure WordPress installation. You can also manage your WordPress information version by hiding, removing, or limiting access files.

Limiting Access to the page: Give access to only those who deserve it. Limit the wasteful access by ignoring a wasteful to visit of the crowd to the web page.

Setup alerting and monitoring: All the free services will be alerted and monitored especially when your website is down.

Get Register with Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster has special tool which helps in finding out whether your website is getting infected or not.

Use security plugin: Install and configure an all-inclusive high level security plugin, such as like Secure WordPress or Better WP Security.

Setup and test a backup solution: At the end, be ensured that in the event something does happen you must have a disaster recovery backup plan. However You can take the help of a free plugin, web based service to backup your website or premium solution.

Therefore if you closely monitor the things and give a watch to all the aspects of the security measure you will get a good website free from spam script and viruses.


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    Hello Nickgrogan

    Nice Post very informative about clean spam in word press theme. online spamming is now days create bother in our sites and it’s become common problem face every Blogger and online business. well Thank You NICK sharing this awesome NINE points very candid explanation.

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    When the WordPress is the most popular CMS right now any info connected with WordPress themes is always welcome)) But I am not quite sure about this option – ‘Use Security Plugins’. WordPress plugins are notorious for security holes.

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