WordPress Optimization Tip: Close Comment on Older Posts

close comentAny successful blogs have to two common factors; the first one is the loyal readers and second is a tangible amount of quality comments by these people. Most of the time, the popularity of any blog is evaluated by intelligent comments, which helps the blog to remain fresh and active. At the same it gives people an open dialogue between the bloggers and readers. An interesting fact is that a majority of bloggers do not know that their blogs get many comments daily, but these do not reach there as they are caught by the anti spam plugins, which keep them at the bay calling at spam comments. Though these plugins help in filtering a number of comments over your blog, but if you get all these comments, it will simply increase your processing time. But if you see loads of spam comments over your blog, it can hamper the speed your blog site. Hence if you see your blog becoming the victim of such spam comments then it’s time to close the comments coming over your blog posts.

Genuine comments versus the spam

The biggest threat you could feel at such junctures is to lose your faithful readers’ comments that come as their feedback on your different blog posts when you see anti spam plugins active over your blog. In order to free yourself from the spam, you are supposed to have a high speed server while you attain your readers. The best solution here is to close off the comment, which you see over the older posts. Here the thumb rule says to close the comments over the blog posts, which are older than one week or so. However, this will depend upon your frequency of publishing blog posts. If you publish once in a week, then you need to make some changes in this rule. On the contrary, you would find several bloggers practicing an idea of selective comment closing wherein the posts come with expiry dates for the comments. This is usually seen in contests wherein the comments are closed after the set deadline.

Is closing comments a viable option for bloggers?

This is really an important question before bloggers since by closing the comments you may hamper the popularity of your blog to some extent especially if the blog post happens to be an epic post. Any blog post, which happens to be a well written could be called as evergreen, irrespective to the fact that when it was written. So, if you close the comments for such blog posts, you would put an end to the discussion, which is likely to hamper the popularity of your blog thus stopping the chances of making your blog to go viral.

The solution

If you are not willing to stop your readers to pose comments on your older blog posts then you have two solutions. The first comes via increasing the performance of your blog site and trying some tips and tricks of WordPress optimization, while second could be to build up an alternate method of communication with your readers. If you choose the first method you are not supposed to close the comments since your increased blog performance can afford to have loads of spam comments coming over your blog posts without hampering the speed and other things of your blog.

However, with this option, you need to invest some money since you would require some technical expertise to carry out this job with the help of few tools. Also, for WordPress optimization task, you may need to upgrade to the latest version along with changing your hosting company, etc. This could be a wise option if you can afford the time and money involved in this process; however, if you cannot, then relying over the second option could be a better deal. Here you could think of establishing the other forms of communication medium with your loyal readers. These communication options include via e-mail or through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Final word

Having a good amount of comments are important for any blog, however, if you see loads of these coming on a daily basis, these could hamper your blog performance. At such juncture, you have the choice of shutting down the comments over your older blog posts or choose the other option as feasible to you.

About The Author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud.


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    You said – Good amount of comments are important. How much exactly the number of comments should be considered fair enough to before closing down the comments?

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    Very good tips, up until now I was not sure about using a CDN. I have just moved our site over to cloudflare, also applying most of your tips. We have noticed a considerable difference!

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