Best WordPress Review Themes 2013


Review sites are a really promising niche for passionate bloggers that intend to make some extra bucks from their work while learning new and interesting things about the latest trends. The domain offers great variety and has really good perspectives: there will always be new products on the market and people interested to find more […]

How to Clean Spam Scripts in a WordPress Theme?


Spamming: Spamming can be termed as the abuse of electronic mail system in arbitrarily sending bulk messages. Spams are found over the internet and other media in many forms such as a Usenet newsgroup spam, instant messaging spam, spam in blogs, mobile phone messaging spam, junk fax transmissions, Online classified ads spam, wiki spam, file […]

High-Quality Premium WordPress Themes for 2013

quality wp themes

huge collection of WordPress themes is available for WordPress platform. The themes  easily support Directory, Blog, ecommerce store and Website which gives users a high-quality designing via free-of-cost and premium themes. You can easily set up WordPress themes of your website. It also comes with a lot of features for WordPress users. Most of the themes are  beautiful […]

Best WordPress Event Themes for 2013


These days, when the labor market offers fewer opportunities, event planing opens a relatively new career field with some very interesting perspectives. If you like the spotlight but not enough to be in it, then doing the stressful but energizing work behind the scenes might open new possibilities for some of you. You like the crowds? Are you somehow […]

Best Free and Premium WooCommerce WordPress Themes


E-commerce websites are a huge industry these days bringing billions of dollars all over the world. As a big fan of WordPress, I think this platform offers some amazing possibilities to start a great website-  a theme with WooCommerce plugin support might be the best business partner you ever had. The basic WooCommerce plugin is free, extremely powerful and has a […]

Best 40+ WordPress Minimalist Themes 2013


Leaving from the classic saying “less is more”, this post focuses around the advantages of using a minimalist theme for your blog and presents some of the best minimalist theme for WordPress. Many of you like simple things and that is very natural and effective, especially when it comes to websites. A minimalist theme leaves […]

Best Free and Premium WordPress Blog Themes


From blogging for pleasure to blogging for business, this activity has reached impressive heights through the years. Bloggers have build a community that has the power to release trends, form opinions or create controversies. But what makes a successful blogger? Well, many lines were written on this topic and I am sure I might forget some very […]