How To Add A Poll to WordPress With Gravity Forms


Having pools in different articles is very good to keep the engagement of your visitors and also have a feedback from them to better see some of the stuffs that you are interested on. With WordPress adding an poll is very easy and it become more easy with the add-on the Gravity Forms has. Gravity Forms […]

How to Setup WordPress CDN with W3 Total Cache and MaxCDN


Increasing your site performance and speed it is something that all of you should do especially now  when a lot of good cheep alternatives are out there. In this article I will present you how to setup MaxCDN in WordPress with W3 Total Cache plugin. I am using MaxCDN on my site for a while and I can […]

How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Widget to WordPress


In this article I would like to present you how you can add a YouTube subscribe widget to your WordPress blog to attract more subscribers to YouTube. If you already have a YouTube channel it will  be a shame not to include also the YouTube subscribe widget on your blog. With WordPress you have also the opportunity to do this […]

How To Add Google Rich Snippets for Reviews To WordPress


Google Rich Snippets for Reviews are the stars that are appearing for some searches in Google results. Google included them a while back but not to many integrated them on their reviews. I have just started to use them and I wanted to explain you how you can add Google Rich Snippets to your WordPress site. Below […]

How To Install WordPress Blog For Dummies On Self Hosted Domain

install wordpress

Installing WordPress is not that hard, in fact it is very easy for someone who knows what he is doing. When I have first started blogging I wasn’t that experienced and that’s why I would like to share the video with you. I always install WordPress from my cpanel and I like to create my […]

How to Move a WordPress Site to a New Domain Name

moving wordpress

Last week I had to move a client WordPress site to a new domain and keep everything as it was before. With WordPress is very easy to move from a domain to another and keep everything to the new domain (I mean the content and the information not the social media and tweets). Because I have done […]