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On June 10, 2012
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A WordPress plugin that can help you to bring your RSS readers back to your blog.

Bring my visitors back is an WordPress plugin that is developed by MaxBlogPress a site where you can find other interesting plugins like: Ninja Affiliate, Subscriber Magnet or Max Banner Adds. This plugin hasn’t been released yet to the general public, but I have received a copy from MaxBlogPress to do a review and say what I think about the plugin.

Bring my visitors back is a plugin that will help you to do more with your RSS feeds and bring more visitors back to your site. For a long time I was wandering what it happens with the readers that you have to your RSS feeds and how you can bring them back to your site or make them share your content on Facebook or Twitter. With the help of Bring My Visitors Back you can do this and even more.

bring my visitors back review

Bring My Visitors Back Features

Below I will put the features that Bring My Visitors Back has to better see how exactly it can help you:

  • Display Related Post in RSS Feeds – if this feature is enable the plugin will add 5 related post to the bottom of the RSS feeds so the readers can visit the site if they are finding something interesting.
  • Display Social Icons on your RSS Feed – if you will enable this feature you can choose 4 social networks for which a button will appear at the bottom of the feed, the social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Digg it and Stumbleupon. In this way the readers will be able to share faster your content.
  • Display Number of Comments on your RSS Feed – at the bottom of the feed the number of comments will be displayed so the reader can be more interested and visit your site to see what others are saying.
  • Display Latest User Comment on your RSS Feed – for a even more reaction you can display the latest comment on the bottom of the feed. The reader will see what others are saying and maybe it will be more determinate to leave a comment.
  • Display Custom Header Content on your RSS Feed -with the help of this feature you can include a banner or a logo, everything you need for a better promotion and to produce an effect to make the reader visit the blog.
  • Display Custom Footer Content on your RSS Feed – also you can use HTML or tags like in the header to put a logo or a banner.
  • Supports all feeds reader – Bring My visitors back it is supporting all the feed readers including google reader, bloglines, newsgator, pageflakes, feed demon, feed reader and many more.

Below is an example with the footer that I am currently using:


Here is also a video from MaxBlogPress to better see what the plugin can d for you:



Bring My Visitors Back is an interesting plugin that succeeded to do exactly what I have wished for. Now the feed readers will not only read the feeds but also they can share the link and visit my site. Another great feature that I consider is the possibility to include banners in the header and footer to my other site or products that I am promoting. With the help of this plugin the feed readers will not only be readers now they have the option to take action and visit your blog or see the products or services that you are promoting throw banners.

Just think the traffic that you will miss if you don’t use this plugin, if your site has RSS feed readers why would you don’t wan’t to take advantage of this plugin? The price will be around  97$ and it can be used for unlimited sites. The plugin it can’t be bought yet but you can get early access, just visit the link and you can enroll.

A WordPress plugin that can help you to bring your RSS readers back to your blog.


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    I am dealing with my own online business right now, I really don;t know about this and I am glad that you have shared this great information so that the readers would visit my site regularly.

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    Before read your post i was unaware about this feature. Everyone wants to get back his/her visitors because more visitors means more traffic and more traffic means more business therefore, visitors have a lot of importance for every website or online business.

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